242Revolution Ministries

Through 242Revolution I am seeking to make a claim on this generation for Christ.  The work of 242Revolution has included regional events for college students and has supported the evangelical work I do speaking at parishes and events throughout the country.  

242Revolution is the continuation of a work that started over thirty years ago.

If you had lived in the San Diego area in the 1980s it is very likely that flipping through the channels you might remember catching a glimpse of a man in a Roman collar, with thick black framed glasses, and jet black hair, preaching the Sunday liturgy of the word.  The show was calling Kingdom Living, and it featured my Dad, Deacon Bob Mueller.  

Dad was ordained to the permanent diaconate in the early eighties. I remember, because his ordination was the morning of my sisters wedding. I was in elementary school. At the time, it was not uncommon to see Catholic permanent deacons in full clerical blacks, though the practice has more or less fallen out of custom today.  Dad preached on TV, with the blessing of our Bishop, for ever five years.

"Kingdom Living," the title of the show was a phrase familiar to my ears. When Mom or Dad would pull the car over to help someone in need, or when they would bring home a young person who had been kicked out of their home into ours, or when, through the laying on of hands sickness was cured, the simple reply was always "Praise God! Kingdom Living!"  

IN the early 2000's Mueller Ministries Kingdom Living, INC was founded as a 501C3 nonprofit organization to continue the evangelical mission that was so foundational to our family.  242Revolution Ministries was adopted as our operational name a few years later.



Help us make a claim on this Generation for Christ.

242Revolution is a 501C3 nonprofit, and we depend 100% on the support of our donors to continue our evangelical work.  We'd love for you to be part of this mission. We'd love your help on getting the word out about out upcoming projects. Click the link to join our mailing list and we will keep you posted on what's coming next.